Downton Abbey

One of my all-time favorite shows is the PBS show, Downton Abbey. I am re-creating the entire castle in the Sims 4, check out my progress below!

3.16.2021 Progress

A few years ago I created the Downton Abbey castle in the Sims 3. I meticulously researched the rooms and used floor plans I found online to help me build it as accurately as possible. After several months of working on it, I sadly ended up losing all of my original files. Luckily, I was left with a few screenshots. 

Exterior | Sims 3

Downton Abbey Sims 3

Interior | Sims 3

I have now decided to work on it again, but this time in the Sims 4. So far I have the exterior pretty much nailed down and the main hall is getting closer to being finished. I think I need to tweak the entrance hall because it’s looking a bit small compared to the floor plans. My next step will be working on the library. 

Downton Abbey Sims 4
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